5 Spring Wardrobe Staples

I tend to live by a "if it fits, buy it in every color" motto when it comes to my clothes. If I find something I really like, I buy it in a lot of similar styles in different colors or multiple prints. So I thought I would break down my top 5 favorite styles for spring!

Shift dresses
I can't resist a good shift dress! I wear them layered with shirts for work, or on their own for dinner, brunch, church, and many other occasions! I have this solid seersucker one, and this printed one in several different prints. I like dressing them up with wedges or heels and some statement accessories, or dressing them down with flat sandals and simpler accessories.

White jeans
I feel like this is kind of self explanatory, white jeans go with everything. And I think it is nice to have a few different pairs, maybe one with a raw hem like this pair, one with a high waist fit like this pair. My favorite way to wear them in the spring is with a peplum top or some other statement like bell sleeves!

T-shirt dresses
I think the easiest outfit to put together is a t-shirt dress and sandals. I have a few more of these dresses than I would probably like to admit, but they're so cute and comfy! I also typically buy them with long sleeves. In general, no matter if it s a top, dress, or romper I tend to wear either long sleeves or sleeveless.

Who doesn't love a fun romper in the spring and summer? I really like wearing sleeved rompers to go out at night, and sleeveless ones for brunch or a brewery during the day. I tend to go for more casual looking ones like this one. As pretty as dressier ones like this one are, I don't find that I can wear them very often.

Shirt dresses
Shirt dresses are a work favorite of mine, I've racked up quite a few of them over the last year or so. I usually look for ones with more flared skirts like this one and this one. I don't really know why, but I think they are so fun to wear! If you are near my height (5'2") I find these in kid's sizes in the Ralph Lauren section of department stores. But there are also some other great options out there in adult sizes like this one and this one!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. So many cute outfits!Love that shift dress and romper!

    Felicity | http://oliverandmoose.com