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Welcome back to Fitness Friday! If you missed last mont's post, I am breaking down my workouts, some new foods and recipes, and activewear picks once a month. This month, I got to do a few free workouts with SweatNET Charlotte (join for discounts at many studios, free workout events, and more!) that have all been fun. I also took advantage of the very generous new client special at First Wind Cycling and Fitness ($30 for 30 days unlimited) this month. You may have known I used to frequent Xtend Barre in Charlotte, and the studio has unfortunately closed. However, a few of the instructors are now at First Wind teaching some very similar barre classes. I think I also made some food progress this month. I have been really trying to at least cook more, even if it is not the healthiest option. Or something simply like making scrambled eggs rather than microwaving something frozen, or picking up food somewhere on the way home.

Week of 3/5-3/11
H3 yoga at VIBE5 (hot interval yoga set to rap music, so much fun!)
Barre Belle video on PopSugar Fitness
FlyBarre 60 at FlyWheel Sports
Air at AIR Aerial Fitness
Cardio dance with Body by Simone trainer via Fit Atelier
SweatNET Charlotte pop-up yoga class

Week of 3/12-3/18
Floor Lab (barre) at AIR
Barre at First Wind Cycling and Fitness
Power yoga video on PopSugar Fitness
SweatNET workout at AIR
C2 yoga at Core Power Yoga
Barre3 video on ClassPass

Week of 3/19-3/25
Air at AIR Aerial Fitness
Beat Yoga at First Wind
Barre at First Wind
Hot yoga at VIBE5
Air at AIR Aerial Fitness
SweatNET workout at Cyclebar (first spin since college, a such a fun class with great instructors!)

Week of 3/26-yesterday
Flybarre 60 at Flywheel Sports
Barre at First Wind
Barre3 video on ClassPass

So, I ended up with 21 workouts since my last Fitness Friday post. As I mentioned last time, if you are curious about any of the classes I go to, feel free to send an email or message on Insta!

  1. I mentioned last month, that I tried to make this avocado pasta recipe, but ended up using a regular pesto sauce instead. Since then, I did try the whole recipe. I generally didn't think I liked avocado very much, but I really liked this recipe! I don't know if I'll be making it regularly, but it is fairly simple to make.
  2. I used to make these oatmeal energy bites fairly often. But, I kind of forgot about them, so I got back into making them. My mom used to make them a lot when I was living at home between college and moving to Charlotte. I think they are a great snack for when I get home from work, before I head to a workout.
  3. I also have been trying to make a habit out of eating more fruit as snacks. Which may not seem like much, but it is kind of a lot for me. I have been eating a few oranges a week, and sometimes switching that out for an apple with peanut butter.
  4. Another dinner recipe I have recently found and liked is this cheesy chicken quinoa casserole. I think I had only had quinoa in pasta form before, but I surprisingly really liked it in this recipe! It is kind of tough for me to not like something with cheese and chicken in it though...I think its a good option to make early in the week and eat leftovers for a few nights. I made it on a Tuesday, and it lasted until Saturday!

Thanks for reading!

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