Summer Workwear Capsule Wardrobe: Wrap Up + 5 Tips for Creating Your Own

Thanks for following along with my Summer Workwear Capsule Wardrobe series! But if this is the first post you have seen from it, here is Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, and Week 4. To recap: I chose 21 pieces to make 21 business casual outfits, for the 21 work days in July. I put them all together in order above to show how the entire capsule turned out. Note: there are only 20 outfits because I somehow missing taking a photo of the last one, sorry about that! Anyway, I also thought I would share some tips for how I put it together. If you are new to the workforce and building your workwear, or just looking to refresh what you already have, here is how I mixed up my favorite pieces.

1. Choose some versatile pieces that could be styled in a few different ways. I started with the black skirt, gingham shirt, and dark printed dress.
2. Pick a color scheme that allows multiple ways for pieces to be styled. I started with neutrals: black, white, and navy. And then added a few fun colors: light blue, coral, yellow, and olive green! Back in my Winter Capsule I went with colors like burgundy, light blue, and pink.
3. Space it out so the pieces that make more of a statement (like my printed silk top, and yellow dress) are not worn too close together.
4. Choose a mix of neutral and statement shoes to pair with the outfits. I went with neutrals like nude flats, nude heels, and added orange flats, and striped heels!
5. Mix up your accessories as you go along. I always think a black and white outfit can be amped up with some bright pink earrings or a fun statement necklace, but still look professional.

These tips may not be the most helpful if you have a business professional dress code. But they have helped me pick out my business casual outfits for the last two years! Just like I mentioned during back in February during my Winter Capsule, this has really challenged me to mix up my closet and find new ways to wear my favorite pieces!

Thanks for reading!

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